Combining beauty, health and nature, with the important feedback of premier clients, we make up the standards for selecting all our SOFI experts and services.

Why sofI

Vetted beauty professionals offering you top quality services for you to book with peace of mind and enjoy an exceptional experience.

ABOUT sofi

Founded by Stacey-Jayne Toguyeni and Gabriela Plumasseau, a professional beauty therapist and a biologist respectively, putting together their passion, knowledge and expertise to create a systematic approach to vetting and selecting the top and trendy beauty services along with the high-profile experts performing them. To make it even better, Geraldine Sinclair, a healthcare professional joined Team SOFI, making a final combination of beauty, health and nature for the founding core of SOFI.


Including top beauty techniques, safety, cleanness, environment-friendly products, healthy procedures, selected professionals and required high-quality services expected by the clients, TeamSOFI has put together 100 points of a specific and meticulous selection method, and the number keeps growing with the feedback of our sofi-sticated members.

All this, handy for the 1st time in a new platform that allows you to book beauty and wellness services, anywhere, anytime, at the click of a button, no stress and with peace of mind.

Either at the salon, the professionals' space, at home or at your office; after work hours or during the weekend, enjoy exceptional beauty and wellness services that SOFI make fancy for you, the place and time only matters if they are great for you. 


To avoid adding extra charges for you each time you book a service as well as not taking any commission from the SOFIexperts, we ventured into a great membership program, where our real focus is to collaborate together to make SOFI standards better.

Finally! A team who takes beauty service standards seriously, considers professionalism, health & safety, the environment, top products, and most importantly the clients' voice.


Join TeamSOFI as a Sofi-sticated member and be part of the vetting group! 


More moments of happiness and serenity, with our membership program.



Contribute to the improvement of beauty standards by promoting the best practices and high-quality beauty services.


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